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New Generation Fast Food

Happy Little Dumplings at The Barracks is part of the new revolution on fast food that is good for you. Made from fresh ingredients, the dumplings are steamed and not fried so that you can indulge and steel feel good. Chinese dumplings have been around for as long as, well,  the Chinese. Yet, as a fast food, this is a recent phenomenon. Because of this, branding has become a major consideration to ensure that customers understand the product better. From the moment you approach a Happy Little Dumplings store  the... Read The Rest →

Food Can Make You Feel Happy

                       Many of us have been so conscious of what we eat that you could say that it has become an obsessive disorder. Coupled with the lack of time that many of us suffer from means that our choices in looking after our health when we are on the run is quite limited. This is where Happy Little Dumplings comes in. These flavour-packed morsels are filled with fresh health ingredients and rather than deep fried they are steamed. You can’t... Read The Rest →

The Split Second Speechless Elevator Speech

      As humans advance and become more sophisticated  in their communication so does their subconscious sense to decipher clues in their environment. Designers are becoming more important than ever as they brand businesses to compete for attention starved shoppers as they go about their day. Technology has meant that our attention span can be measured in minutes or seconds and retail more than ever must communicate clearly and succinctly what they are about not in a few short sentences but in a split second. Branding therefore has become the... Read The Rest →