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Finding Your Niche

I am continually astounded and inspired by stories of the ingenuity of Australians to find a gap in the market and to give it a go to start their own business to fill that gap. Hair Force 10 is one of those stories. Find The Gap Hair Force 10 is all about filling a gap in the market. It is about budget hair cuts. Hair cuts can be very expensive these days. Especially if you are on the pension or have a family to clothe and feed. This is where... Read The Rest →

Creating ICE – That Incredible Customer Experience

What makes one business ‘cool’ so that it attracts customers and becomes profitable for the business owners and another business that dies a quick death. It’s all to do with ICE. Creating ICE Creating that Incredible Customer Experience (or ICE for short) has never been so important as it is now. Our level of knowledge and sophistication has increased not incrementally but exponentially. The easy availability to the internet has seen an explosion of information that we are exposed to. This has lead to a greater awareness of their spending... Read The Rest →

Have You Ever Been Diagnosed With ATD (Attention To Detail)?

Have You Been Diagnosed With ATD? ATD is a condition that successful business owners may have but may not be aware as it is second nature to them. Nobody may have ever told them that they have ATD as it isn’t something that they needed to cure. Attention To Detail or ATD for short is what gives successful business people the edge. It is all the small details that make the big difference in today’s competitive market. Memorable Customer Experience And this can be illustrated no better as to what... Read The Rest →