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Jewellery Retail Design – Before & After

Jewellery Retail Design Jewellery retail design can transform a jewellery shop from drab to fab. It is always very interesting to walk into a store that looks tired and old and to get excited with the possibilities. Most store owners delay the refurbishment of their store for as long as possible. This is often left until they are up for their lease renewal. Drab and Not So Fab By this time, the shabbiness of their store has started to really affect sales. Customers want to walk into a fresh bright... Read The Rest →

Creating Allure

The Economy of Expectation Is your business creating allure? As consumers our expectations of what a business will provide has reached the stratosphere. It is those businesses that no longer see limitations that do well in this new economy of expectation. We no longer want for a business to give us what we want. We expect them to. Those that don’t, frankly don’t survive. In this brave new world of customer expectation it isn’t enough anymore to believe you have a great product. Every other business owner also has to... Read The Rest →