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Crema Espresso | Westfield Parramatta

Crema Espresso In Sydney Crema Espresso at Westfield Parramatta is the latest design incarnation by Retail Design Lab. This was to be Crema’s first foray into the Sydney retail market and the Client’s brief was to design it so that it had real presence. Centre Stage The tenancy is situated close to centre stage so the prominent position required that this be a landmark store. While most other cafes within the Centre went with a dark and grungy look, we stuck to Crema’s strong branding which is light, fresh and... Read The Rest →

Crema Espresso Carindale Featured on Retail Design Blog

We are excited to announce that Crema Espresso at Westfield has recently been featured on the online site Retail Design Blog Retail Design Blog is an online community featuring the latest design trends from around the world. We are thrilled to see our work reaching an international audience. Share → Tweet

Feast For The Senses

  As the world becomes smaller with the access to the internet and the opportunity for us to be exposed to new ideas and experiences, our tastes have become more sophisticated and our expectations when eating out have become more demanding. It isn’t enough anymore to provide excellent quality fare and stand out service, instead we expect a well rounded sensual dining experience. As such, the role of the designer has become much more crucial than at any other time. In collaboration with graphic designer, Kristy Elliot from Tandem E.... Read The Rest →

Ambarella Fine Foods – designing a ‘customer food experience’

Do you remember as a child your parents telling you when you were at the dining table eating your dinner to not ‘play with your food’? Were you one of those children that were always frustrating your parents because you wouldn’t eat your greens? It has become more and more important with our busy and often stressful lifestyles to make sure that we eat good, fresh, healthy and wholesome food. Ambarella Fine Foods at Burleigh, which we were intimately involved in the concept design process is a celebration of healthy... Read The Rest →

Subscribe to Desktop & Receive My Design Book

          By subscribing for an annual subscription of Desktop magazine before the end of January 2013 you will receive a signed copy of our book, Top Designers’ Secrets Revealed (RRP $29.95). If you don’t happen to subscribe to Desktop magazine in time, pop on over to our Top Designers’ Secrets Revealed website and order you copy online which I will personally sign. Top Designers’ Secrets Revealed gives you the inside secrets on how the industry’s leading designers turned their passion into their profession and how you can too. You will discover:... Read The Rest →

It’s Time For Hight Tea

t-House at Harbourside Markets is our latest project that has just opened. Whether you are a tea connoisseur or just wanting to find a wonderful place to relax over a cuppa, t-House is the place to be. t-House however, offers much more than your average cup of tea. In fact, the owners of t-House have teamed up with Dilmah Tea to launch their first Dilmah Tea House concept in Australia, which features an array of beautiful teas which are on show on the counter in glasses which are lit up... Read The Rest →

Launch of our New Book at DesignEX in Sydney

The launch of our new book Top Designers’ Secrets Revealed held as part of the Seminar Sessions during DesignEX in the Sydney Convention Centre, was a great success. With guests paying $65 per head, the launch was fully sold out with many guests having to stand up. The launch commenced with a half hour talk I gave about what is the secret formula to success, which I had reduced to Einstein’s formula e = mc² and the reasons for writing this book about successful Australian designers. This was followed by... Read The Rest →

Time For Hair | Southport | QLD

This fitout, Time For Hair, at Southport in Queensland was fitted out 2 years ago. I went there not long ago to check out how it is holding up. Mike, the owner, always greets me witha big appreciative cheshire cat smile and still extolls the virtues of the design and even now gets favourable comments from his patrons. He is so happy that he has given me free hair cuts for life. For those who have met me, that isn’t a bad thing!   During the design stage, Mike’s brief... Read The Rest →