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Miki Beautiful Sushi – Homage To Fine Food

Next Generation of Sushi Miki Beautiful Sushi is the next generation in the development of sushi in Australia. The Zen of Sushi Preparation Following the age old Japanese Zen philosophy, creating sushi that is a feast to the senses requires great skill, training and a sense of presence at the task at hand. It is more akin to the art of the tea ceremony than to mass produced fast food. The makers of Miki Beautiful Sushi are carefully trained to become artisans that create beautiful works of art for us... Read The Rest →

Ambarella Fine Foods – designing a ‘customer food experience’

Do you remember as a child your parents telling you when you were at the dining table eating your dinner to not ‘play with your food’? Were you one of those children that were always frustrating your parents because you wouldn’t eat your greens? It has become more and more important with our busy and often stressful lifestyles to make sure that we eat good, fresh, healthy and wholesome food. Ambarella Fine Foods at Burleigh, which we were intimately involved in the concept design process is a celebration of healthy... Read The Rest →