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Breaking The Rules Of Retail Design

   Shopping centres have stringent retail design regulations in order to ensure a consistent customer experience. These regulations ensures that the shopping centre maintains a quality of finish throughout the centre. Recently, we completed a cafe design that broke these rules in order to find a solution to an area of the shopping centre that has never ‘worked’. The Strand at Coolangatta The Strand at Coolangatta has been recently redeveloped. It once was called Showcase On The Beach and was a tired centre. Many of the tenancies were closed and... Read The Rest →

Design Is More Than Drawings

Good Design Good design is more than providing plans for your new business premises. It is about ensuring that your business has been well thought out to maximise its potential from day one. These days customers expect and demand more and more from businesses. Providing a great product or service isn’t enough anymore. Customers want an ‘experience’. It is those businesses that provide this that will prosper in this ever changing economy. How Brandable Is Your Business? What does your business stand for? What is unique about your product or... Read The Rest →

Retail Design Evolution Continues

Crema Is All About The Customer Crema Espresso at Orion Springfield Central is the latest edition to the Crema Espresso story. With each new store we are part of the retail design evolution of the brand as it goes from strength to strength. In a world that is changing at an incredibly rapid pace, it is more important than ever for businesses to not sit still. Crema Espresso at Springfield introduces even more freshness and lightness. Refusing to follow the trend of dark finishes and colours that we see in... Read The Rest →

Food Revolution

Food Evolution Our relation to food is constantly changing and evolving. There is greater awareness of what goes into our foods. We all know about the nasty artificial colours, flavours and preservatives in our food. Many people are opting for food that has been minimally processed. There is a movement towards natural ingredients and understanding the origin of food. Retail designers play an important role in ensuring that the business owner’s philosophy and point of difference is easily recognised by customers. This may seem obvious, but those businesses that provide... Read The Rest →

Praise & Recognition

The Phone Call Today I received a call from a retail design manager thanking me for a project that I designed late last year and who’s fitout is almost complete. The shopping centre were very impressed with the result. Praise is a powerful motivator. I was very heartened by the call. Praise makes all the hard work and long hours and effort we put in to meet crazy deadlines worthwhile. Thank You It is amazing how a simple thank you can make such a big difference. No matter what field... Read The Rest →

Hummingbird Bakery – Breaking The Rules

The Hummingbird Bakery and Cafe At the eleventh hour we were commissioned to design the brand new Hummingbird Bakery and Cafe at Capri On Via Roma on the Isle of Capri on the Gold Coast. The central area building of Capri On Via Roma is a cavernous high space and the brief was to create a kiosk that sold freshly baked bread and wholesome fresh cafe meals. Break Neck Speed The goal was to have the project up and running and open before Christmas. With so little time and with... Read The Rest →

Finding Your Niche

I am continually astounded and inspired by stories of the ingenuity of Australians to find a gap in the market and to give it a go to start their own business to fill that gap. Hair Force 10 is one of those stories. Find The Gap Hair Force 10 is all about filling a gap in the market. It is about budget hair cuts. Hair cuts can be very expensive these days. Especially if you are on the pension or have a family to clothe and feed. This is where... Read The Rest →

Creating ICE – That Incredible Customer Experience

What makes one business ‘cool’ so that it attracts customers and becomes profitable for the business owners and another business that dies a quick death. It’s all to do with ICE. Creating ICE Creating that Incredible Customer Experience (or ICE for short) has never been so important as it is now. Our level of knowledge and sophistication has increased not incrementally but exponentially. The easy availability to the internet has seen an explosion of information that we are exposed to. This has lead to a greater awareness of their spending... Read The Rest →