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Turning Ideas Into Gold

Home Sweet Home As many of you already know, I have been on a 6 month sabbatical last year walking from London to Jerusalem. It was inspiring to come back late last year and visit a project I was working on before I left at Westfield Chermside. Even after over 18 years in the retail design industry it is always exciting to see ideas turned into bricks and mortar. I am still amazed at the whole process of how we all work together as a team to create something that... Read The Rest →

Latest Restaurant Design – Nam An Vietnamese

Our latest restaurant design, Nam An Vietnamese at Tweed City Shopping Centre is fast approaching completion. This new Vietnamese restaurant is part of the Tweed City redevelopment which has seen the edition of an outdoor dining precinct to the shopping centre. It Starts With A Vision Any business begins with a vision and our role at Retail Design Lab is to help bring that vision to life. By engaging us and our years of experience we can turn your idea and passion into something even greater than you may have... Read The Rest →

The Hidden Oasis

The new Crema Espresso at Pacific Fair is a hidden oasis that is quickly taking shape. The shop fit is almost complete with new awnings, a Crema Kids play area, and finishing touches still to go. Below you will find some images of the cafe. The design of the cafe was in keeping with tropical feel of the Pacific Fair redevelopment. The site lended itself to this feel because of its outdoor location. The simply white and natural palette together with tropical greens give the cafe a freshness. Because of... Read The Rest →

Preventitive Medicine

The doctor of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs, but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition. Thomas Edison Prevention Is Better Than The Cure Instinctively humans know what is good and not so good for their health. Nonetheless, many of us continue to not eat the right foods, drink and smoke too much, don’t get exercise, and overwork ourselves. There is a growing movement of people who understand that they need to take repsonsibility for their health. Preventitive medicine means taking health back... Read The Rest →

Retail Design Evolution Continues

Crema Is All About The Customer Crema Espresso at Orion Springfield Central is the latest edition to the Crema Espresso story. With each new store we are part of the retail design evolution of the brand as it goes from strength to strength. In a world that is changing at an incredibly rapid pace, it is more important than ever for businesses to not sit still. Crema Espresso at Springfield introduces even more freshness and lightness. Refusing to follow the trend of dark finishes and colours that we see in... Read The Rest →

Creating ICE – That Incredible Customer Experience

What makes one business ‘cool’ so that it attracts customers and becomes profitable for the business owners and another business that dies a quick death. It’s all to do with ICE. Creating ICE Creating that Incredible Customer Experience (or ICE for short) has never been so important as it is now. Our level of knowledge and sophistication has increased not incrementally but exponentially. The easy availability to the internet has seen an explosion of information that we are exposed to. This has lead to a greater awareness of their spending... Read The Rest →

Have You Ever Been Diagnosed With ATD (Attention To Detail)?

Have You Been Diagnosed With ATD? ATD is a condition that successful business owners may have but may not be aware as it is second nature to them. Nobody may have ever told them that they have ATD as it isn’t something that they needed to cure. Attention To Detail or ATD for short is what gives successful business people the edge. It is all the small details that make the big difference in today’s competitive market. Memorable Customer Experience And this can be illustrated no better as to what... Read The Rest →

Latest Designs December 2014

The end of 2014 was the usual mad Christmas rush to have designs fitted up and the businesses open before Christmas. Here are two projects we designed at Burleigh Town Centre that opened for the Christmas trade. The Smoke Inn This is a ‘man cave’ for males to buy their cigarettes and for women to buy their men male gifts such as sports and car related memorabilia. The colours are subdued and earthy with timber shopfront and joinery and concrete look vinyl tiles. The shopfront display is broken up into... Read The Rest →

Silver Is The New Black

       Our latest design, a silver jewellery kiosk at Kawana Shoppingworld goes part of the way to prove that design need not follow trend to be contemporary. See Things Differently With the design of the Silver Wolf kiosk we created a strong branded presence using predominantly black. While most silver jewellery stores and kiosks have followed trend, using light colours, Silver Wolf bucks this trend. In order for silver to stand out as the jewellery of choice, it was necessary to take a fresh new look at this luxury... Read The Rest →

First Impressions

Have you ever met someone for the first time and that first impression made quite an impact? Idea Come To Life Seeing a design, which is an idea come to life in a three dimensional representation of the space can help bring the space to life in the Client’s mind before it has been built. Visual Eyes Shop designers and retail interior architects utilise three dimensional renderings or artist’s impressions to help non-technical Clients to visualise the design that has been created. Premature Visualisation Above is a project, Miki Beautiful... Read The Rest →

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