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Breaking The Rules Of Retail Design

   Shopping centres have stringent retail design regulations in order to ensure a consistent customer experience. These regulations ensures that the shopping centre maintains a quality of finish throughout the centre. Recently, we completed a cafe design that broke these rules in order to find a solution to an area of the shopping centre that has never ‘worked’. The Strand at Coolangatta The Strand at Coolangatta has been recently redeveloped. It once was called Showcase On The Beach and was a tired centre. Many of the tenancies were closed and... Read The Rest →

Cream of the Shops

     Crema Espresso has positioned itself as the premium brand offering the ultimate coffee experience. The Westfield Carindale high fashion area required a specific kind of design that delivered the WOW factor yet in an understated and elegant way. The position required that the colour and finishes palette be subtle and neutral to reflect the quality of the kiosk’s neighbours.      The brand new Crema Espresso at Westfield Shopping Centre Carindale was revealed to the hordes of busy Christmas shoppers and from all reports has been doing very brisk business... Read The Rest →

Tour de Food

Foodies Heaven Ambarella Fine Foods is a veritable oasis of farm fresh, wholesome healthy foods and delicacies including escargot, dolmades, pickled artichoke hearts, and delicious freshly baked French sticks. It has been designed with the feel of a French Provincial market place with black and charcoal striped awnings over fruit and vegetable stands reminiscent of an open farmer’s market you would expect to see with a Mediterranean feel, and with a variety of shops around the central square. These shops with their striped awnings include a boulangerie, butcher, fishmonger, cafe, frozen... Read The Rest →

Subscribe to Desktop & Receive My Design Book

          By subscribing for an annual subscription of Desktop magazine before the end of January 2013 you will receive a signed copy of our book, Top Designers’ Secrets Revealed (RRP $29.95). If you don’t happen to subscribe to Desktop magazine in time, pop on over to our Top Designers’ Secrets Revealed website and order you copy online which I will personally sign. Top Designers’ Secrets Revealed gives you the inside secrets on how the industry’s leading designers turned their passion into their profession and how you can too. You will discover:... Read The Rest →

t-House officially launched by founder of Dilmah Tea

Merrill J. Fernando, the founder of Dilmah Tea flew out especially for the opening of t-House at the new gourmet food precinct, Harbourside Markets. Mr Fernando made a heart warming and inspirational speech about how he started Dilmah Tea and revolutionised many aspects of the tea industry. He spoke of the challenges he faced, especially at a time when tea was tightly controlled in Sri Lanka by the British. Merrill was officially opening the t-House as he has been intimately involved in the project, with this opening marking the first... Read The Rest →

Posh Pets: Designing PURRception

Posh Pets at Carindale follows on from the success of their Marina Mirage store that we designed a few years ago. As it was going to be part of the redeveloped stage of Westfield Carindale, the expectations from the Landlord for the design and finish required were high.The Client were very happy with the previous design at Marina Mirage and wanted to create a similar look to the new store. Once the Centre’s and Client’s expectations were on par, we began the design of Posh Pets, taking it to another... Read The Rest →

It’s Time For Hight Tea

t-House at Harbourside Markets is our latest project that has just opened. Whether you are a tea connoisseur or just wanting to find a wonderful place to relax over a cuppa, t-House is the place to be. t-House however, offers much more than your average cup of tea. In fact, the owners of t-House have teamed up with Dilmah Tea to launch their first Dilmah Tea House concept in Australia, which features an array of beautiful teas which are on show on the counter in glasses which are lit up... Read The Rest →

Loot Homewares | Burleigh Town Centre | QLD

We were approached last year by the owners of Loot Homewares, Karl and Rene, to renovate their existing store. It required a major ‘freshen up’ in order for them to be able to renew their lease. After many years the store was looking old, tired and decrepid. This young at heart couple were anything but those adjectives with their bubbly personalities and wide cheeky smiles.        The shopfront as a billboard for advertising the shop and it’s wares was not being fully taken advantage of. The entire shopfront which... Read The Rest →

Country Fresh Kitchen | Runaway Bay Shopping Centre | QLD

Yes it is that time of the year where the days get shorter and the temperature starts to drop and good hearty food is on the menu. Our latest wholesome design, Country Fresh Kitchen, at Runaway Bay Shopping Centre on the Gold Coast is sure to get your eyes to open as much as your mouth to water. The old saying, ‘your eyes are  bigger than your stomach’ couldn’t  be more appropriate when we understand the importance for visual impact in attracting customers to come to your store.      This... Read The Rest →

LeGassick Jewellers | Robina Town Centre | QLD

The concept behind Le Gassick was to create a sense of the feminine. The majority of customers are women, yet the hard shiny surfaces and strong lighting of many jewellery stores are at odds with the feminine mystique. This project was a bit of a juggling act to ensure the needs of it’s prominent corner site with three sided frontage overlooking the food court and escalator, but also the client’s requirement to create a sense of continuity with their other existing jewellery stores. The thread that would connect the client’s... Read The Rest →

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