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Box & Barrel New Concept Store Opens

Box & Barrel at Westfield Garden City is officially open for trade! Below are some images of the shop being stocked for the grand opening. The images that you see here are of the new concept Box & Barrel. It takes the brand from DFO Outlet discount stores to mainstream retail shopping centre experience. The brand has been given an image upgrade in order to attract a new clientele in shopping centres. Box & Barrel aim to attract a customer looking for quality kitchenware at great prices. The fittings and... Read The Rest →

Design Alchemy – transforming ideas into gold

Design Alchemy It is always an exciting moment to see what not long ago was just a mere though, an idea, be transformed into reality. What I am talking about is the magic of design. Design takes ideas and through a process commits them to paper. Then it is the network of people and their skills from leasing agents, retail design managers, operations managers, shopfitters and trades that bring thoughts to life. It is alchemy at work. Above is a 3D rendering of the proposed Box & Barrel store at... Read The Rest →

Burger’d Store # 4 – Still Servin’ It Up Hot

There From The Start Burger’d is a franchise that we have been part of the creation from the very beginning. Arundel was the very first store. We have been involved with branding and messaging to the interior design. We were even involved the taste testing of the product (always really good to be very passionate about the product – what better way then to test out the product! 🙂 It is always great to be involved with a new business from its inception. This allows us to develop a clear... Read The Rest →

Retail Food Design on the Gold Coast

Retail Food Design Evolution Retail food design has come a long way on the Gold Coast. Food in general has evolved quite dramatically over the past decade as customers become more sophisticated. No doubt brought on by tv shows such as Matser Chef, we have become more educated when it comes to eating out. Presentation has become a big factor in how we consume both food and other products. The saying ‘you eat with your eyes’ couldn’t be more true these days.     Presentation Presentation begins much earlier than... Read The Rest →

Silver Is The New Black

       Our latest design, a silver jewellery kiosk at Kawana Shoppingworld goes part of the way to prove that design need not follow trend to be contemporary. See Things Differently With the design of the Silver Wolf kiosk we created a strong branded presence using predominantly black. While most silver jewellery stores and kiosks have followed trend, using light colours, Silver Wolf bucks this trend. In order for silver to stand out as the jewellery of choice, it was necessary to take a fresh new look at this luxury... Read The Rest →

First Impressions

Have you ever met someone for the first time and that first impression made quite an impact? Idea Come To Life Seeing a design, which is an idea come to life in a three dimensional representation of the space can help bring the space to life in the Client’s mind before it has been built. Visual Eyes Shop designers and retail interior architects utilise three dimensional renderings or artist’s impressions to help non-technical Clients to visualise the design that has been created. Premature Visualisation Above is a project, Miki Beautiful... Read The Rest →