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Madagascar 2013

Madagascar Recently Heidi and I had the great pleasure of visiting Madagascar. It was a research trip to find out more about the unique biodiversity of this island and the incredible environmental destruction that has put its endemic species of animals and plants at risk of extinction. We were invited to spend one and a half weeks with Eden Reforestation Projects whom we have involved with to see and experience the incredible work that they are doing with a remote fishing community on the west coast of the island and... Read The Rest →

Feast For The Senses

  As the world becomes smaller with the access to the internet and the opportunity for us to be exposed to new ideas and experiences, our tastes have become more sophisticated and our expectations when eating out have become more demanding. It isn’t enough anymore to provide excellent quality fare and stand out service, instead we expect a well rounded sensual dining experience. As such, the role of the designer has become much more crucial than at any other time. In collaboration with graphic designer, Kristy Elliot from Tandem E.... Read The Rest →

Calling All Creatives

This is a call to all you budding artists and creatives out there. We have teamed up with our good friends at Tandem E. Tandem to launch their first project in their Art With Benefits initiative, Madagascar 2013. The Project We are working together to improve the environmental conditions in Madagascar. Madagascar is an incredibly unique island, one that is home to a diverse number of plant and animal species. 75% of these species live nowhere else on Earth, but many are in danger of extinction due to deforestation and... Read The Rest →