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With the ferocious competition for consumers' attention branding and having a clear message is more important than ever. This is where even the name of a business must speak clearly and concisely to the consumer. The Fresh Factory came about through consultation with the Client to get

  When business ceases to be work and becomes love, we no longer have customers but attract lovers. Business Loveability How loveable is your business? What is it that attracts customers to your business and sees then return again and again as lovers? What is it about your

Time For Reflection I think the current climate gives us time to reflect on how we can do things differently on all levels. Ubuntu I’ve been researching the African philosophy of Ubuntu and it has really struck a deep chord with me. The most common direct meaning is, "I

Seeds of Opportunity At this time in human history, as we find ourselves navigating unchartered waters, I am excited by new possibilities and ways of thinking not contemplated before. As Marilyn Munroe once said, "Within crisis, are the seeds of opportunity". What is happening in Australia and

Divya Indian in the food court at Robina Town Centre captures the essence of Indian cuisine without being cliched and predictable. Instead, what has been designed is a modern, fresh interpretation of India with reflective polished brass finishes, natural light timber and perforated plywood, and white

  Collaboration For a project to be successful takes collaboration. It takes a dedicated team of people to take a seed of an idea all the way to a constructed business ready to open for trade. Collaboration creates magic.  Magic is what happens when people come