Willows Quality Meats at Westfield North Lakes is a destination butcher. It is a place where you can find just what you are after. Stocking a vast array of products ranging from your favourite meat cuts, to cheeses and condiments. The design is quite unlike your typical butcher store. It takes what a butcher should look like and turns it on ts head. Visiting the Client 2 years later he was still gushing with praise with the design and fit out and how his customers still comment to him on how beautiful the store looks. Business is booming for him and he couldn't be happier.

With the ferocious competition for consumers' attention branding and having a clear message is more important than ever. This is where even the name of a business must speak clearly and concisely to the consumer. The Fresh Factory came about through consultation with the Client to get to the heart of what they are providing their customers.    Capturing Freshness In this case it was 'freshness'. Their business model is built on providing only the freshest fruit and vegetables at discounted prices. The 'factory side of the name refers to their value added product - providing freshly made juices in the custom built 'factory' that is on show to customers. Juice is made from fresh produce and bottled and sold daily. The big vision is to as the business grow produce freshly made juice in bottles that could be sold in vending machines throughout Brisbane.    Bulk Buy The concept of the shop is to sell in bulk. Rather then buy a few pieces of fruit, the discounted prices makes it possible to purchase an entire carton of produce. Because of this produce is stacked in the cartons they come in as they fly out the door where a traditional unpacking of individual produce would be too labour intensive. Conveying Freshness Forward facing open refrigeration displays capture shoppers attention as they walk past in the mall with their vibrant produce. The black timber cladding throughout the shop allows the fruit and vegetables to really ‘pop’ with colour and freshness.   At Retail Design Lab we aim to

When business ceases to be work and becomes love, we no longer have customers but attract lovers. Business Loveability How loveable is your business? What is it that attracts customers to your business and sees then return again and again as lovers? What is it about your business that inspires your staff to love your business as much as you and your customers do? What is it that drives customers to choose your product or service based business over similar offerings? Passionterprise I think it is passion. When you fall deeply in love with what you do, what you provide and with your customers, then your customers can’t help but fall in love with you and your business. Passion is about going that extra smile, by putting that extra thought and effort beyond what is required. It is about living and breathing your passion to the point that you eat, live, and obsess about how you can best love your customers, your community and your planet through your business. No amount of clever branding can make up for pure heart, passion and real authenticity. Love Will See You Through I’ll ask you again, how loveable is your business? In our current economy it will be big love that will get you and your business through.

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