Box & Barrel New Concept Store Opens

Box & Barrel at Westfield Garden City is officially open for trade!

Below are some images of the shop being stocked for the grand opening.

Shop Designer Brisbane

The images that you see here are of the new concept Box & Barrel. It takes the brand from DFO Outlet discount stores to mainstream retail shopping centre experience.

Retail designer Brisbane

The brand has been given an image upgrade in order to attract a new clientele in shopping centres. Box & Barrel aim to attract a customer looking for quality kitchenware at great prices.

Shop Designer Brisbane

The fittings and fixtures provide a neutral canvas to allow the product pride of place and to really shine. The concept takes the brand a notch up in presentation. The volume sales concept of stack ’em up and sell em’ out hasn’t been changed, what has is the presentation to make the product stand out to a customer that is spoilt for attention in shopping centres.

Shop Designer Brisbane

By providing a canvas and ‘framing’ products it allows for products to garner the customer’s attention and inspire them to want to spend.

Shop Designer Brisbane

The new concept has been designed to be easily replicated as the brand grows and to stand out among the array of retailers all vying for the customer’s attention and dollar in a shopping centre retail environment.

Shop Designer Brisbane

Stay tuned as Box & Barrel rolls out plans to expand the brand both in QLD and interstate. Expect to see more B&B Homewares in a local shopping centre near you.

Shop Designer Brisbane

As a retail designer it is exciting to be involved in helping to evolve businesses and watching them grow and knowing that we have played our part in that growth and expansion.

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