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The Warm Sell – The Case For Warm Shells

Warm shells are becoming increasingly more common in shopping centres throughout Australia to help combat a sluggish retail economy and ensure vacancy rates are reduced. Warm Shells A warm shell tenancy is a tenancy where part of the fit out has been funded and completed often by the Landlord to entice prospective businesses to sign a lease with a shopping centre landlord. These works may include a new shopfront, floor finises, painted walls, and new ceiling, lighting and services. Warm shells are becoming more important during tight economic times to... Read The Rest →

Business As Ubuntu

Time For Reflection I think the current climate gives us time to reflect on how we can do things differently on all levels. Ubuntu I’ve been researching the African philosophy of Ubuntu and it has really struck a deep chord with me. The most common direct meaning is, “I am, because of you”. It is about a deep reverence and respect for the importance of community, compassion, connection, friendship and sharing. Business As Ubuntu or Ubuntonomics Translating it to business that often deals with tangible bottom-line economics, this concept may... Read The Rest →

How A Retail Designer Can Bring Ideas To Life

The beauty of being a retail designer is the ability to be able to take ideas and bring them to life. Vision Sometimes Clients come to us with a clear vision of what they want. More often than not however, many just know for instance that they want to open up a cafe in a specific location and not much more. This is where we come in and coax that little seed of an idea and help it grow. Recently we were commissioned to design a cafe in Southport on... Read The Rest →

The Magic of Collaboration

  Collaboration For a project to be successful takes collaboration. It takes a dedicated team of people to take a seed of an idea all the way to a constructed business ready to open for trade. Collaboration creates magic.  Magic is what happens when people come together and work closely to bring a vision to life. The images on this page are of Box & Barrel at Robina Town Centre prior to hand over to the client for stocking prior to opening. Through collaboration between everyone from myself the designer,... Read The Rest →

Before & After Retail Design Facelift – Medispecs Robina

Before The Retail Design Facelift Medispecs at Robina Town Centre has been operating for about 15 years. There lease was soon up again for renewal and as part of the shopping centre landlord’s agreement was that the shop had to be given a facelift/refurbishment. It had been given a small facelift 5 years prior but it was time for a major visual overhaul. After The Facelift Retail Design The tenant had a tight budget that didn’t match what the Centre’s expectations were so we had to be clever. The shopping... Read The Rest →

Before & After Retail Design Facelift – Tutti Frutti Robina Case Study

The Call Retail design is never boring. It is always very satisfying when a Client calls me up all excited to thank me for a project I have designed. This happened recently to a Client in Robina Town Centre. They own the Tutti Frutti food court tenancy. It was dark and dated and its position made it difficult for customers to see as they entered the food court. Accident On top of this, they had closed down for a few weeks as there was an accident in a tenancy upstairs... Read The Rest →

Breaking The Rules Of Retail Design

   Shopping centres have stringent retail design regulations in order to ensure a consistent customer experience. These regulations ensures that the shopping centre maintains a quality of finish throughout the centre. Recently, we completed a cafe design that broke these rules in order to find a solution to an area of the shopping centre that has never ‘worked’. The Strand at Coolangatta The Strand at Coolangatta has been recently redeveloped. It once was called Showcase On The Beach and was a tired centre. Many of the tenancies were closed and... Read The Rest →

Design Alchemy – transforming ideas into gold

Design Alchemy It is always an exciting moment to see what not long ago was just a mere though, an idea, be transformed into reality. What I am talking about is the magic of design. Design takes ideas and through a process commits them to paper. Then it is the network of people and their skills from leasing agents, retail design managers, operations managers, shopfitters and trades that bring thoughts to life. It is alchemy at work. Above is a 3D rendering of the proposed Box & Barrel store at... Read The Rest →

Womens Gym Design – Redefining Health

Womens Gym Design We were approached by owners of Samsara Womens Health Club for their womens gym design. Having never designed a gym before became more of an advantage rather than a disadvantage as we could see what a women’s gym should be like from a fresh perspective. Holistic Health Samsara Womens Health Club at Runaway Bay is redefining the womens fitness industry. Women expect more from their gym than ever before. They are looking to be able to work out feeling comfortable and confident with expert help at hand.... Read The Rest →

Homewares Store Design To Fitout

Homewares Store Design We were approached by Andrew and Emma for their homewares store design. Design is just want stage in the process to opening shop. We were able to assist them with the entire process of opening up shop. It is always exciting to see the hard work everyone in a project puts in come together to start to see a project take physical shape. Recently I popped into the Brickworks to see how progress was going with the fit out for Dwell. Dwell is a new homewares store... Read The Rest →

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