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The Fresh Factory

With the ferocious competition for consumers’ attention branding and having a clear message is more important than ever. This is where even the name of a business must speak clearly and concisely to the consumer. The Fresh Factory came about through consultation with the Client to get to the heart of what they are providing their customers.    Capturing Freshness In this case it was ‘freshness’. Their business model is built on providing only the freshest fruit and vegetables at discounted prices. The ‘factory side of the name refers to... Read The Rest →

Is Your Business Loveable?

When business ceases to be work and becomes love, we no longer have customers but attract lovers. Business Loveability How loveable is your business? What is it that attracts customers to your business and sees then return again and again as lovers? What is it about your business that inspires your staff to love your business as much as you and your customers do? What is it that drives customers to choose your product or service based business over similar offerings? Passionterprise I think it is passion. When you fall... Read The Rest →

Creativity In Crisis

Seeds of Opportunity At this time in human history, as we find ourselves navigating unchartered waters, I am excited by new possibilities and ways of thinking not contemplated before. As Marilyn Munroe once said, “Within crisis, are the seeds of opportunity”. What is happening in Australia and around the world is unprecedented. Yet we have a choice as to how we see this crisis. We can be get caught up in all the panic, or it can be a time to use the time to reflect, to gather your thoughts,... Read The Rest →

Cosmetic or Major Surgery: The Case for Retail Facelifts

   Retail facelifts are becoming more and more prevalent in the retail sphere. With the renewal of a lease term, rather than gutting a tenancy and starting from scratch there are major benefits for the tenant and the environment in keeping the ‘bones’, and updating or doing a ‘cosmetic’ facelift rather than ‘major’ surgery. I see this trend continuing into 2019 as shopping centre Landlords find it necessary to provide terms that keep good tenants at the end of their existing lease. With the high costs of re-fitting a tenancy, ... Read The Rest →

Before & After Retail Design Facelift – Medispecs Robina

Before The Retail Design Facelift Medispecs at Robina Town Centre has been operating for about 15 years. There lease was soon up again for renewal and as part of the shopping centre landlord’s agreement was that the shop had to be given a facelift/refurbishment. It had been given a small facelift 5 years prior but it was time for a major visual overhaul. After The Facelift Retail Design The tenant had a tight budget that didn’t match what the Centre’s expectations were so we had to be clever. The shopping... Read The Rest →

Turning Ideas Into Gold

Home Sweet Home As many of you already know, I have been on a 6 month sabbatical last year walking from London to Jerusalem. It was inspiring to come back late last year and visit a project I was working on before I left at Westfield Chermside. Even after over 18 years in the retail design industry it is always exciting to see ideas turned into bricks and mortar. I am still amazed at the whole process of how we all work together as a team to create something that... Read The Rest →

Breaking The Rules Of Retail Design

   Shopping centres have stringent retail design regulations in order to ensure a consistent customer experience. These regulations ensures that the shopping centre maintains a quality of finish throughout the centre. Recently, we completed a cafe design that broke these rules in order to find a solution to an area of the shopping centre that has never ‘worked’. The Strand at Coolangatta The Strand at Coolangatta has been recently redeveloped. It once was called Showcase On The Beach and was a tired centre. Many of the tenancies were closed and... Read The Rest →

Quiet Design

Quiet Design Quiet design is design that is pared down and subtle. It isn’t loud and garish. It doesn’t scream ‘look at me’. It is humble yet quietly confident. It speaks little but delivers volumes. Counter-Intuitive Design Quiet design in a retail environment is counter-intuitive. With businesses screaming for customers spend it makes sense that those that ‘shout the loudest’ should win. Yet this isn’t always the case. Often those who do scream the loudest often begin to look and feel the same. If everyone is shouting it is often... Read The Rest →

Attention To Detail – Hallmark of Good Design

Attention To Detail Attention to detail is a major factor in the success of any business. Let me elaborate on this. Attention to detail shows customers that you really care about them. It shows that you are really passionate about your business and what you do. Attention to detail has also been the hallmark of our success as deigners. Little Things Big Results Whether you run a cafe, a boutique fashion store or have your own consulting business, how much you pay attention to the ‘little things’ will determine how... Read The Rest →

Retail Food Design on the Gold Coast

Retail Food Design Evolution Retail food design has come a long way on the Gold Coast. Food in general has evolved quite dramatically over the past decade as customers become more sophisticated. No doubt brought on by tv shows such as Matser Chef, we have become more educated when it comes to eating out. Presentation has become a big factor in how we consume both food and other products. The saying ‘you eat with your eyes’ couldn’t be more true these days.     Presentation Presentation begins much earlier than... Read The Rest →

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