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The Fresh Factory

With the ferocious competition for consumers’ attention branding and having a clear message is more important than ever. This is where even the name of a business must speak clearly and concisely to the consumer. The Fresh Factory came about through consultation with the Client to get to the heart of what they are providing their customers.    Capturing Freshness In this case it was ‘freshness’. Their business model is built on providing only the freshest fruit and vegetables at discounted prices. The ‘factory side of the name refers to... Read The Rest →

The Warm Sell – The Case For Warm Shells

Warm shells are becoming increasingly more common in shopping centres throughout Australia to help combat a sluggish retail economy and ensure vacancy rates are reduced. Warm Shells A warm shell tenancy is a tenancy where part of the fit out has been funded and completed often by the Landlord to entice prospective businesses to sign a lease with a shopping centre landlord. These works may include a new shopfront, floor finises, painted walls, and new ceiling, lighting and services. Warm shells are becoming more important during tight economic times to... Read The Rest →

A Modern Taste of India

Divya Indian in the food court at Robina Town Centre captures the essence of Indian cuisine without being cliched and predictable. Instead, what has been designed is a modern, fresh interpretation of India with reflective polished brass finishes, natural light timber and perforated plywood, and white marble. Divya Indian has a fresh natural feel with influences being the Taj Mahal softness meets a touch of Bollywood bling and brashness. The natural textured finishes create a warmth and a neutral backdrop to the stars of the design – the brightly coloured... Read The Rest →

How A Retail Designer Can Bring Ideas To Life

The beauty of being a retail designer is the ability to be able to take ideas and bring them to life. Vision Sometimes Clients come to us with a clear vision of what they want. More often than not however, many just know for instance that they want to open up a cafe in a specific location and not much more. This is where we come in and coax that little seed of an idea and help it grow. Recently we were commissioned to design a cafe in Southport on... Read The Rest →

Under Construction: RA Quality Meats Birtinya

It never ceases to amaze me watching a shop under construction. For what seems like forever (it is often no more than a couple of weeks), it seems that little is happening. Yet it is at these beginning stages that the foundation for the fit out are being laid. Not literally the foundations, but like  house, the infrastructure is being laid. Good Foundations In the beginning stages we see plumbing being installed, walls and ceilings being constructed, electrical work being carried out, floors being waterproofed, floor finishes installed, and wall... Read The Rest →

Cosmetic or Major Surgery: The Case for Retail Facelifts

   Retail facelifts are becoming more and more prevalent in the retail sphere. With the renewal of a lease term, rather than gutting a tenancy and starting from scratch there are major benefits for the tenant and the environment in keeping the ‘bones’, and updating or doing a ‘cosmetic’ facelift rather than ‘major’ surgery. I see this trend continuing into 2019 as shopping centre Landlords find it necessary to provide terms that keep good tenants at the end of their existing lease. With the high costs of re-fitting a tenancy, ... Read The Rest →

Before & After Retail Design Facelift – Medispecs Robina

Before The Retail Design Facelift Medispecs at Robina Town Centre has been operating for about 15 years. There lease was soon up again for renewal and as part of the shopping centre landlord’s agreement was that the shop had to be given a facelift/refurbishment. It had been given a small facelift 5 years prior but it was time for a major visual overhaul. After The Facelift Retail Design The tenant had a tight budget that didn’t match what the Centre’s expectations were so we had to be clever. The shopping... Read The Rest →

Before & After Retail Design Facelift – Tutti Frutti Robina Case Study

The Call Retail design is never boring. It is always very satisfying when a Client calls me up all excited to thank me for a project I have designed. This happened recently to a Client in Robina Town Centre. They own the Tutti Frutti food court tenancy. It was dark and dated and its position made it difficult for customers to see as they entered the food court. Accident On top of this, they had closed down for a few weeks as there was an accident in a tenancy upstairs... Read The Rest →

Turning Ideas Into Gold

Home Sweet Home As many of you already know, I have been on a 6 month sabbatical last year walking from London to Jerusalem. It was inspiring to come back late last year and visit a project I was working on before I left at Westfield Chermside. Even after over 18 years in the retail design industry it is always exciting to see ideas turned into bricks and mortar. I am still amazed at the whole process of how we all work together as a team to create something that... Read The Rest →

Breaking The Rules Of Retail Design

   Shopping centres have stringent retail design regulations in order to ensure a consistent customer experience. These regulations ensures that the shopping centre maintains a quality of finish throughout the centre. Recently, we completed a cafe design that broke these rules in order to find a solution to an area of the shopping centre that has never ‘worked’. The Strand at Coolangatta The Strand at Coolangatta has been recently redeveloped. It once was called Showcase On The Beach and was a tired centre. Many of the tenancies were closed and... Read The Rest →

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