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Last weekend I was privileged to be invited to participate in the DIA Gold Coast Branch’s initiative to provide a perfect platform for students to have one-on-one contact with established design professionals within their chosen field and study in an open and relaxed forum.

Entitled ‘CREATIVE CHATTER: Conversations With Design Leaders 2013’, the idea was to bring together seven industry professionals with a wealth of experience, who all share a common interest to encourage and support emerging talent in our growing industry.

The forum held at Griffith University was very enjoyable from the feedback I received from the other design leaders and attendees, as were available to answer questions and offer advise to the students that are attended. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience as I remember only too well the sense of trepidation felt graduating college and about to go into the big wide world and not knowing where to start the journey into the design industry.

Industry Guests included:

                 Product Design – DaSomm Choi and Conrad Johnnson from Yellow Goat Design
                 Graphic Design – Mark Goudie from Pluvo
                 Fashion Design – Kathryn from Indigo Joker
                 Interior Design – David Cushieri from Cuschieri Design Consultants/The Next Big Think (me 🙂 )
                 Photography – Claudio Kirac from The Art-Work Agency
                 Accessories Design – Emily Chamberlain from Marvelous
                 Jewellery Design – Laura Strange from Strange Stranger
After lunch was a short workshop where a brief was given for the design of a fashion boutique and the different groups designed different aspects of the shop.
To all who attended and the DIA organisers of the event thank you very much for a fantastic day!





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