LeGassick Jewellers Robina

The use of sheer drapery, and string curtain created a sense of mystique and softened the otherwise hard surfaces. One can peer into the jewellery shop, through soft flowing veils of fabric.

A sense of comfortable luxurious ambience is created by the softened light levels. Light is focused on the stars of the show – the exquisite jewellery. But to pick up the play of light and dark, there are glints, and sparkles in the form of suspended pelmets of crystals over the jewellery counters, and the feature pendant light hovering and encaspulated by the softs folds of sheer fabric falling from the ceiling.

Entering the store through it’s narrow entrance, with glints and sparkles, is like entering a bower bird’s bower of treasures. And just like a woman, one never knows what mystery and beauty lay within her depths.

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