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Queensland Restaurant Designer
Queensland restuarant designer
Internal view of our latest restaurant design on the Gold Coast
Restaurant design Gold Coast
The richness of colours and finishes in this restaurant provides the perfect backdrop to sampling Tartare's superb fare
The latest restaurant design from Gold Coast design studio Cuschieri Design
The black hearted sassafras provides the perfect backdrop to the wine display
Tartare is a veritable feast for the senses
Steak and seafood on the Gold Coast designed with style and sophistication
Designing a sensual experience beyond mere eating

Recently we were commissioned by the owners of Harbourside Markets to design their latest addition to their gourmet food precinct concept at Biggera Waters. There was a tight time frame on the project and we have found over the years that this sense of urgency has the effect of stimulating our creative juices rather than hindering them.

The Client hadn’t come up with a name that they were satisfied with for this new steak and seafood restaurant, so we took on the difficult task of coming up with a name that combined both the steak and seafood offering. ‘Tartare’ was the result. Short, simple, memorable and most of all, it connects the ‘steak’ side – steak tartare – with the ‘seafood’ side – tartare sauce – in a smart and sophisticated way. This concept was further developed not only through the richness of finishes and colours throughout the restaurant but also in the superb job that Kristy Elliot from Tandem E. Tandem has done with the logo. We have worked on a number of projects together, and this enjoyable collaboration has ensured that the level of branding has been taken up another notch.

The logo combines the fluid curves of both a fish and the horns of a bull. With its light and fresh ambience, reflecting the fact that the produce is fresh and sourced locally. Take a visit to Tartare and experience what real steak and seafood dining can be.