Retail Food Design on the Gold Coast

Retail Food Design Evolution

Retail food design has come a long way on the Gold Coast. Food in general has evolved quite dramatically over the past decade as customers become more sophisticated. No doubt brought on by tv shows such as Matser Chef, we have become more educated when it comes to eating out. Presentation has become a big factor in how we consume both food and other products. The saying ‘you eat with your eyes’ couldn’t be more true these days.

kebab shop design
kebab shop deisgn gold coast


Presentation begins much earlier than the actual food that we purchase. It begins with how the business ‘presents’ itself. We shop with our eyes. The retailer or food operator knows that they have that split second to capture the attention of new customers. And so both the design of the business from the physical fitout and the ambience it creates to the graphic branding is all critically important.

kebab shop deisgn gold coast
kebab shop deisgn gold coast

Customer Experience

What consumers are after in essence is having an ‘experience’. Food is no longer essential just for survival, but also for pleasure. Consumers seek businesses who’s food offers us much more than nutrition. We want to ‘feel good’ entering a business. The business needs to deliver on their branding promise. And if it delivers it will have a loyal customer. Having said that, with the internet, our attention span has gradually become smaller and smaller. So too has our penchant for the ‘new’. Retail design is in a constant state of evolution to deliver both on new experiences and innovation.

kebab shop deisgn gold coast
kebab shop deisgn gold coast

Expectation Drives Innovation

This is great for the end consumer and also for retail designers on the Gold Coast as there skills and expertise is constantly evolving too to keep up with consumers. Retail design is alive and well and the continual inrease in consumer expectations for a new experience will ensure that retail food industry continues to deliver.

kebab shop deisgn gold coast
kebab shop deisgn gold coast

Recent Retail Food Design

Supreme 1 Kebabs at Stockland Burleigh continues this evolution in retail food design. The tenancy was recently located which gave us the opportunity to design a fresh new kebab shop for the owner. The image below shows the old store which had managed to look overall remarkably fresh after a decade of use. However, the new look shop in the new location has garnered great interest from new customers with its Arabesque charm and and ambience.

Retail Food Design

If you are looking to open shop be sure to contact us to see how we can start your business on the right foot.

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