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   Shopping centres have stringent retail design regulations in order to ensure a consistent customer experience. These regulations ensures that the shopping centre maintains a quality of finish throughout the centre. Recently, we completed a cafe design that broke these rules in order to find a

[caption id="attachment_3536" align="alignnone" width="850"] Design doesn't stop once the plans have been drawn up. It is a process and we are there throughout the fit out to ensure that everything happens smoothly.[/caption] Good Design Good design is more than providing plans for your new business premises. It

Food Evolution Our relation to food is constantly changing and evolving. There is greater awareness of what goes into our foods. We all know about the nasty artificial colours, flavours and preservatives in our food. Many people are opting for food that has been minimally processed. There

The Phone Call Today I received a call from a retail design manager thanking me for a project that I designed late last year and who's fitout is almost complete. The shopping centre were very impressed with the result. Praise is a powerful motivator. I was very