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1 Million Trees Planted in 10 years

Our Commitment

Retail Design Lab is committed to improving the lives of many and helping to preserve the Earth’s unique and precious wildlife and slow down the effects of global warming. They have committed to planting 1 Million Trees in 10 years on the island of Madagascar through their Visions of GREENdeur program. A percentage of profits from their services helps to combat the effects of extreme poverty and deforestation.

We are committed to help the Earth heal

Visions of GREENdeur is the great vision they have of helping to contribute to transforming Madagascar from the BROWN island it has become where almost 90% of it’s area being deforested back into the GREEN island. It is incredibly biologically diverse with about 5% of species found nowhere else in the world, including all the 70 species of Lemur. In order to contribute to making this vision a reality, we have pledged to donate funds for the planting of 1 million trees in 10 years. This will not only help to preserve and protect the unique species found in Madagascar, but it will help combat extreme poverty. It is well known that environmental destruction through deforestation is a major cause of extreme poverty and oppression in impoverished nations.

To date we have contributed to the planting of over 105,223 trees.

The Next Big Think in happiness

The Next Big Think

Retail Design Lab and his partner Heidi McLachlan are also making an impact on the publishing industry with their giftbooks now available in Australia, Singapore, New Zealand and soon in the UK.

Their sister company, The Next Big Think, is a young, innovative, socially and environmentally responsible company who’s vision is to connect people in meaningful ways through our products, information and awareness.

The Next Big Think is more than a greeting card and gift book company, they create brands that resonate with people, connect them and enrich their lives.
Their vision is to create brands that have a deeper purpose behind them and allow people all over the world to engage with and help shape all our futures.